Jill P. Mesirov, Ph.D.

UC San Diego, School of Medicine
UC San Diego, Moores Cancer Center

Professor of Medicine, Division of Medical Genetics;
Associate Vice Chancellor for Computational Health Sciences;
Co-Lead, Structural and Functional Cancer Genomics Research Program;

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Research in the Mesirov Lab focuses on cancer genomics applying machine-learning methods to functional data derived from patient tumors. The lab analyzes these molecular data to determine the underlying biological mechanisms of specific tumor subtypes, to stratify patients according to their relative risks of relapse, and to identify candidate compounds for new treatments. The overall goal is to treat patients as individuals specific to their tumors. Importantly, the lab is committed to the development of practical, accessible software tools to bring these methods to the general biomedical research community. The tools support almost 500,000 users worldwide.

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  • Workshop - April 30th 2019

    BU B522, Boston University - RNA-seq in GenePattern

  • Workshop - April 16th 2019

    BioITWorld - Boston

  • Workshop - April 4th 2019

    BU B522, Boston University - RNA-seq in GenePattern

  • Workshop - March 7th 2019

    Stanford University Medical School

  • Workshop - March 6th 2019

    CCMI (Cancer Cell Map Initiative) workshop @ UCSF

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